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Option 1:  Submit a Request to Hire a Speech Writer.

Request a motivational or inspirational speech for any occasion. Click Here for More Info...

Request a speech for staff dev., employee morale, or sales. Click Here for More Info...

Request a recognition, awards, banquet, or graduation speech. Click Here for More Info...

Request a speech for youth, teens, students, or educators. Click Here for More Info...

Investment Price:  Depends on the specific needs of your custom speech request.

Option 2:  Special Report & Guide for Self-Pace Practicing & Support.

You can purchase from your Customized Speeches 2 Go speech writer our downloadable pdf Special Report & Guide of "Impressively Speaking Tips for Continuous Growth & Success." This guide gives you practical strategies and coaching on what to do from the time you receive your finalized customized speech to and through the time you deliver it to the actual audience. Yes! It also has instruction on how to effectively rehearse your speech, get past and through your fears, engage the audience, and much much more...

Investment Price:  $14.95 / USD  - (This is a downloadable pdf e-Product.)

Option 3:  Audio Recording of Your Speech for Rehearsal Support.

Your Customized Speeches 2 Go speechwriter will audio record your customized speech for you to download, listen to and use to help you better prepare for speaking impressively before your next audience. You will have a solid idea on the rhythm, pauses, vocal inflections, and overall feel of your speech.

Investment Price Range:  $29.00 to $59.00 / USD - (Depending on speech time length.)

* Rush & Super Rush Audio Recordings will come with an additional Fee.

Option 4:  YouTube Video Critique and Coaching Support.

We will advise and coach you on how to setup a YouTube account. Then you will be instructed to video record a live practice session of your customized speech presentation and upload it to your YouTube account. Your Customized Speeches 2 go Speech Coach will critique and coach you from your YouTube video. This way, it does not matter where you're located across the globe—our dynamic customized speechwriting and coaching teams will have you speaking impressively.

Investment Price:  $65.00 / USD - (First practice video critique and coaching session.)

* $40.00 / USD - (Each additional practice video critique and coaching session.)

Option 5:  Speech Enhancement Consultation Services.

We will read and improve "a complete speech" (a speech that has a clear opening, body and conclusion) that you have typed and saved inside of a Word document. Our speechwriter can make your speech more eloquent, dynamic, profound, engaging, entertaining, humorous, or better structured—to ensure you speak impressively before your scheduled audience. With this service we can also assist you by creating a memorable and powerful opening and conclusion for your speech—to ensure you open and close with a bang.

Investment Price:  $130.00 / USD - (Per 3,000 words or less of your speech.)

* Rush & Super Rush Speech Enhancement Consultation Services will come with
an additional Fee.